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Collaboration: Magical or Mortifying?
RBMA photography day

Red  Bull Music Academy Bass Camp Dubai brought 21 of the regions most promising talents together for a series of workshops and studio sessions at Design District, Dubai. Four different attendees spoke about their differing approaches to collaboration, with some a little more introverted than others, and a diverse understanding of the music making process. Meet the artists by watching the video produced by Red Bull and Globalist Life.

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Bagatelle Dubai opens the doors
bagatelle opening

Bistrot Bagatelle Dubai boasts a strong focus on fresh, clean flavours and ingredients as the center of the concept, with French classics enlivened with innovative flavour combinations and a lighter approach to dining. The restaurant serves a relaxed, classic South of France inspired, New York infused dining concept with a variety of signature dishes, boasting a unique spin on French classics, signature cocktails and an impressive wine list.

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Sohad Acouri Magic SS16

Dubai-based Lebanese designer, Sohad Acouri, started designing elegant couture bridal gowns and evening wear in the mid-1990s. By the year 2000, his breathtaking work began enchanting woman across Dubai as he opened his first boutique here. 

What makes Sohad Acouri stand out amongst the various bridal designers in Dubai is not just his innovative designs that are enough to make a woman want more, but also his environmentally friendly perspective. He only uses eco-friendly fabrics and materials; such as organic silk, micro illusion tulle, Tanzanian poplin, Italian taffeta and so much more. He is one of  few designers who believe every bit of fabric can be used to create a masterpiece, which is exactly what he does. Sohad Acouri uses leftover fabrics and incorporates them into his unique designs.

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sohad acouri
Dreaming about Sri Lanka
indian ocean views
jungle escape
mountain tea
Enchanting jungle escape at Heritance Kandalama

Kandalama Heritance Hotel, situated in the remote jungle offers unprecedented peacefulness and comfort. The hotel was designed by one of the most prominent Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa, who believed the the environment and design have to go hand in hand.

The hotel was conceived as the architect put it, as a “belvedere on a series of magic views, as an enjoyment itself”. Every public scene, room and bathroom would have magnificent views over water and forest.

You can expect to meet monkeys in your balcony, bats flying between open spaces in the corridors and other direct contact with the wilderness of the jungle. And all with a touch of luxury.